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Our Care

We provide quality specialist care. Our multi-discipinary team works with your GP to address your medical conditions in an integrated way to optimise your health outcomes.

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A GP referral is required for your initial or annual appointment with one of our specialists and for any neurodiagnostic service. Contact our friendly reception staff to make an appointment.

General Medicine Specialists

Lower Hunter Medical is a specialist medical practice. Our General Physician Doctors (Internal Medicine Specialists) have evidence-based expertise in all the body systems – neurology, respiratory, cardiac, renal, musculoskeletal, endocrinology, gastroenterology, haematology, and geriatrics.

The advantage of this holistic expertise is that you are being treated as a whole person not just a specific body part. Your care is provided by one specialist who works with your GP to manage your wellbeing, with additional referral to specific specialists if needed to further enhance your care. This holistic, collaborative approach promotes continuity of your care.

Lower Hunter Medical founded in 2019, is centrally positioned in Rutherford, Maitland to provide care to patients throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region.

living healthy matters!

Our value lies in our intention to serve

We are a practice that operates to deliver exceptional quality care based on ‘old school’ principles delivered with innovative approaches to meet individual patient needs.

Our experienced team of knowledgeable doctors treat and assess your health concerns with a fresh holistic approach, using years of experience and knowledge to ensure you’re given the best care and sense of involvement in being heard and cared for with every appointment.

We aim to offer same-day communication with your GP or referring doctor and promote continuity of care across all health providers involved to optimise your wellbeing.

living healthy matters!

Medical Services

Specialist Medical Services

Lower Hunter Medical offers a specialist service provided by Internal Medicine Experts, who practice evidence-based medicine. We have a multi-disciplinary team centered on the provision of expert and comprehensive holistic care.

Our General Medicine Specialists review and consider all body systems, medications, and your personal history when undertaking the consultation; this broad lens ensures a holistic approach. Submit a referral here.

Surgical Support Services

Surgical support services are utilised by Surgeons and Anaesthetists who engage our specialist medical services.

Our Internal Medicine Physicians undertake preoperative medical assessments to support and promote fitness for surgery, and look after any perioperative medical issues whilst patients recover from their elective surgery.

This model optimises your surgical journey.

Diabetes Hub

Opening in 2024, our Diabetes Hub will include the following multidisciplinary services:
– Endocrinology and Diabetology specialist services
– Diabetic Neuropathy screening
– Podiatry – Doppler scanning
– Diabetic Educator/ Nurse Practioner – Action Diabetes
– Nutrition with Dietitian services
– Visting services with Hearing Australia
– Retinal scanning services.

Aged Care

We are opening an Aged Care service in 2024 which will include a Memory and Cognitive Disorders Clinic and Cognitive Decline Assessment services. Our Aged Care services will assess, prevent and treat cognitive decline, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and depression in older adults. Stay tuned for updates as we progress towards clinic opening.

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