Diabetes Care

Diabetes Hub

Our Diabetes Hub is scheduled to open in 2024.

Newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, and those on complex medication regimens – As a newly diagnosed or poorly controlled individual with diabetes, this service offers comprehensive education on diabetes, how to manage carbohydrates, dietary modifications, and weight management—strategies for prevention and hypoglycemia awareness and response training.

T1DM – This service offers specialist support, pump management, and fresh multi-disciplinary ideas on how to manage your blood glucose if you are currently struggling with poorly controlled diabetes, regular hypoglycaemia or high glucose fluctuations. We offer support for all continuous glucose monitoring systems.

We focus on potential long-term complications associated with Diabetes and design tailored treatment regimens and follow-up monitoring in conjunction with your General Practitioner and any other treating specialists.

Work-related screening and annual checks – This is beneficial for workplace assessments, Drivers, Coal Services, and Mechanical workers who require annual testing for their licenses and workplace. Our service enables you a one-stop-shop to have all your annual screening is undertaken in one morning, completion of RMS Specialist assessments, and other requirements for workplaces.

Post Paediatric age group – If you are over 18 and under 30 years, there is really no specific service available for you. We offer supportive services that continue after your 18th birthday and enable you a team to help you maximise your understanding and management of diabetes.

Our Team Includes

Endocrinologist and Diabetologist Specialist Services

At LHM we have specialist Endocrinologist and Diabetologist offering state-of-the-art Diabetic management.

Retinal scanning services

LHM offers a retinal scanning service that checks for diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, and a referral to Ophthalmologist and Optometrist for any results requiring further investigation. The half-day session enables you to undertake an assessment with each of the team, and a comprehensive care plan or report will be provided and sent to your GP or employer if required.

Visiting services with Hearing Australia

The Community Hearing Van visits LHM to offer hearing tests. You can have your hearing tested, which should happen every year if you have diabetes. Over time, blood sugar levels that are too high or too low can damage nerves that affect your hearing. Learn how you can help prevent hearing loss if you have diabetes.

Nutrition with Dietitian service

Arubah Dietitians are trained to help guide you through the process of making realistic, individualised, and sustainable changes to improve your diet, achieve your weight management or healthy eating goals, and diabetic management.

Diabetic Educator/ Nurses Practioner

Annabel Thurlow (Action Diabetes) has over 30 years of experience and offers full diabetic management and education, with expertise in Diabetes self-management education, Insulin initiation, and Insulin pumps.

Diabetic Neuropathy screening

Diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy is made based on the cluster of symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and pain usually involving the legs and feet. Doppler assessments undertaken by the Podiatry team can determine the blood flow to the feet, looking for peripheral vascular disease. Tests to diagnose diabetic neuropathy in order to determine the extent of the nerve damage include nerve conduction tests, which can be undertaken on-site by our LHM  Neurodiagnostic Team.

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